Try Unconventional Marketing when your business fails

When your core business is struggling for growth, Always try unconventional Marketing. It will surely work. During my earlier stint with a matrimony company, i was struggling with link building for SEO. I simply registered 350 plus community based matrimony domains targetting every community in India. It solved not just the link building pain, it was converted into a successful business model by the company under the brand . Also buying links from 3rd parties is grey hat and wont last forever.


I always suggest three steps for any company’s Digital growth.

  1. Copy whatever your competitor has done.
  2. Improve all that can be done on your site/app
  3. Innovate and branch out.

These are the exact three steps that I followed for all my previous companies. Also buy all domains that are missed by your competitors. This is a huge opportunity when it comes to growth hacking.

Branching out is a very important growth strategy for a business. This not only expands your business model, but also helps in cross selling.

This article is to educate a person struggling in digital marketing. Do not hesitate to try new things. Explore areas that are untouched. Try new things. Only then you will learn. When you learn, you gain knowledge. Knowledge when applied correctly makes not just you successful, but also the company that you are associated with.

Do not worry about failure. When I suggested my Ex-CEO to buy 350 Plus matrimony domains, I was afraid. I was afraid because, I do not want to waste the money of the owner – A gentleman who built his empire from scratch. But I wanted to try new things. I worked day and night to explore this new opportunity that I found out. Spent lots of time in booking domains when they expire through, and also negotiating etc. It was not an ordinary task, but worth it when you see the idea of yours grow into a huge success.

So never be afraid to try.


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