What is the key to success?

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The word Kadavul in Tamil is a very unique word.

Deity – Deivam (The supreme personality that has a form)

God – Iraivan (One who is called for (Irainthu means Called loudly. The word god is from a root *ǵʰau̯- (*ǵʰeu̯h2-) “to call, to invoke” https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/God_(word)))

Kadavul – does not mean god or deivam. It simply means – Kada + Vul which means go inside/explore inside.

Its an unique word only seen in tamil to explain the Aatma concept.

In life too, there are different terms for success.

For some success is to live happily

For some success is to become rich

But the real success is those who live a satisfied life. Satisfied life is equal to exploring inside concept mentioned above. Those who starts to explore their inside, understand the impermanence in life and tries to live a satisfied life than a happy life.

To conclude:

Satisfaction is the key to success.

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