Which business will succeed in the future?

Which business will succeed?

#Gamification of vocational courses and making them interesting to kids will be the business model that will succeed in future.


  • #Automation makes people dumb
  • Mobile addiction creates memory loss in kids.
  • Automation is a necessary unavoidable disease, Vocational Courses are the Cure, Native Indian creative arts like #carnatic music/#bharatanatyam/#folk music of your native/#hindustani music or any native arts of your village / country is the catalyst that enhances the brain /memory of your child to learn the vocational courses and make them prepared

A parent surely want their kids to grow smart

Vocational courses is a medicine to treat automation. It gives us #skills.

So a startup that drive a innovation in vocational courses, that simplifies learning it in a fun way will be the next billion dollar #unicorn

In India there are some startups that kindles creativity in kids like Flintobox.com , Magic Crate

But there is no innovation in the vocational education segment.



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